Mammography remains the gold standard test for the detection of breast cancer, and full-field digital mammography (FFDM) is widely accepted as the best method for performing these exams.  Women’s Center for Radiology leads the Central Florida community in providing digital mammograms for our patients.

3D Mammograms, Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, takes mammography to the next level.  Women’s Center for Radiology is the only facility in Central Florida where a woman can have a 3D mammogram.

During a mammogram, women stand in front of the digital mammography machine and each breast is compressed to allow the X-rays to see inside the tissue.  These highly focused X-rays capture images of the tissue for the doctors to evaluate. 

Mammography is a 2D representation of a 3D object, and small lesions or areas of concern may hide behind tissue or fat.  When the breasts are especially dense, additional images or sonography may be ordered to visualize that area, as abnormalities can be obscured by tissue.

What can be done if 2D images hide cancers, have tissue superposition, or make normal tissue look like pathology?  In the past, patients had to return for additional images or unnecessary biopsy procedures.  Now there is breast tomosynthesis, and cancer has nowhere to hide.  We call that GENIUS®

Empowering the Radiologist – Tomosynthesis

The newest advance in mammography is tomosynthesis, or 3D breast imaging, and Women’s Center for Radiology has it. 

A suspicious area seen with 2D mammography

The clarity of 3D reveals the cancer in superb detail

In February 2011, the FDA approved Breast Tomosynthesis, a method of acquiring mammograms in 3-D.  This exciting technology is available at only a handful of facilities in the United States, and Women’s Center for Radiology is the only stand-alone imaging center to have it.  Tomosynthesis allows the radiologist to ‘scroll through’ the breast tissue, like pages in a book.  The radiologist is then able to see cancers that would otherwise be hidden from view by breast tissue, creating fewer recalls and necessitating fewer biopsies.  Women report that the reduced compression during tomosynthesis is another advantage to this new technology.

Women’s Center for Radiology is proud to offer our patients the Hologic Selenia® and Dimensions® digital mammography systems.  The crystal-clear images are highly detailed, and are delivered immediately to the radiologist for interpretation.  You doctor can also view the images via our Referring Physicians Portal, and because the exam is digital, it can be placed on a CD/DVD for easy portability.  You can learn more about the Hologic Dimensions systems by visiting WWW.HOLOGIC.COM.

Please do not use powders, perfumes or deodorants on the day of your test, as these products can cause unsatisfactory results.

“Team Hope”

Screening Mammograms Save Lives!

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The Mobile Digital Mammography Screening Unit is available for corporate sponsors, institutions, or health-fairs! Learn more about our mobile digital mammography unit here.

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Thank you for your kindness today. “Mammogram day” is always a little scary for me. You and your staff are always kind and considerate. I appreciate your expertise and am very pleased that you are my mammographer! Thanks again to you and your staff.

-Women's Center for Radiology Patient