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Providing convenience, comfort, and care right at your doorstep!

Women’s Center for Radiology is pleased to offer 3D mammography to all of Central Florida.  Women are now able to receive state of the art imaging at their preferred location.

Our custom-designed mobile breast center is completely self-contained and only requires space in a parking lot.  The mobile unit is accredited by the ACR and is capable of performing both screening and diagnostic 3D mammograms and breast ultrasound exams.

We recognize that todays busy women tend to put family and career ahead of their own health care.  Our solution is to work with employers, state institutions, and corporate sponsors to bring this potentially life-saving cancer screening directly to their doorstep for no fee; thus giving employers an opportunity to provide an extension to their benefit program as well as offering employees an opportunity for screening without the need to take time off from work.

Women 40 years old and above do not require a referral or prescription for a screening mammogram; however, women under 40, requiring diagnostic mammograms, or those having symptoms (discharge, lumps, etc), will need a physician’s referral.

On the mobile breast center, WCR stresses Convenience, Comfort, and Care.  The unit features a comfortable waiting room where patients are invited to relax and complete the office check-in process.  When the appointment time arrives, the mammography tech will take the patient into the second half of the unit which contains a changing room and the mammography room.  We strive to provide privacy and individual attention to every woman who visits us.

One of WCR’s goals is to provide continuity of care for our patients by returning to clients at the same time every year so women continue to have access to quality mammography.  Please note that a minimum of 15 appointments is required to bring the mobile unit to a location.  Employee spouses and neighboring businesses are welcome to attend as well.

WCR accepts most health insurances and screening mammograms are often covered 100%.  Please check with your insurance provider for more information on mammography coverage.

 For more information on scheduling the mobile unit,
please call the Mobile Unit Coordinator at (407) 581-0870.

 Please call if you have a question.  Screening mammography saves lives, and we are here to help.

Patients can prepare for their visit by downloading a registration packet here:

English Registration Packet

Spanish Registration Packet

Vietnamese Registration Packet

Creole Registration Packet

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to help me and thank your staff for their professionalism and care.