An essential part of diagnosing breast cancer is determining the type of cancer and the extent of the area involved.  A biopsy can answer these questions.  Performed under sterile conditions, a small tissue sample is removed and sent to a specially trained pathogist for laboratory analysis.  The laboratory issues a report containing the results, which is used by your doctor to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Depending on the results of your mammogram, ultrasound or MRI study, your radiologist may recommend a biopsy of a suspicious area.

Biopsies are performed in our office, under local anesthesia, by board certified diagnostic radiologists, specially trained in biopsy procedures.  Women’s Center for Radiology has achieved the American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation for safety and quality in performing stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI biopsies.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

This procedure is performed under local anesthetic.  Using ultrasound to guide the probe, a needle is carefully inserted into the area of concern.  Small samples of tissue are removed and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Thyroid fine needle aspirations (FNA), ultrasound core biopsies, and cyst aspirations are commonly performed in our office, and entail minimal discomfort or risk.

No preparation is needed for these procedures, and patients are able to return to normal activity immediately.

Stereotactic Biopsy

Women’s Center for Radiology is one of a few facilities in Central Florida accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for Stereotactic Biopsy.  During this procedure patients lie on their stomachs, on a specially designed table.  The breast is compressed and, under local anesthesia, a needle is inserted into the area of concern.  A small tissue sample is removed and sent to a laboratory for further analysis, and the report of the analysis is reviewed by your radiologist, and then sent to your physician.

Check with the scheduler for preparation instructions for this procedure.

MRI Biopsy

MRI guided biopsy is a highly specialized procedure, best performed by an experienced physician.  Women’s Center for Radiology is known as a teaching site, training physicians from as far away as China in this exacting procedure.

Using local anesthesia, a needle is inserted into the suspicious area.  Samples of tissue are removed and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  The report of that analysis is used by a physician to help develop a treatment plan for you.

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Thank you is an inadequate phrase to express what I would like to say. Your well-trained eye picked up subtle changes in my mammogram that even my gynecologist thought “will probably turn out to be nothing." Unfortunately, this was not the case. I am not three weeks post mastectomy and considered to be cured! The biopsy you did detected the cancer so early there was no tissue or lymph invasion. Thank you for being a conscientious and detail specific doctor. I am grateful to God for your level of professionalism.

-A Grateful Patient